Insurance Services


To put it simply, Companies buy insurance to protect them from claims.   It doesn’t matter if you are a sole proprietor, mid-size or Fortune 500; claims can cut into the bottom line, turn profit to loss, or, in the worst case, wipe out all you have worked for.  

Because Compass specializes in fields which have historically been claims intensive, our staff has developed and expertise and calm efficiency in handling our clients claims.  Not all claims are covered and some exist in a gray area and many are pretty straightforward.  But rather than abandon you to the insurance company adjusters and lawyers, Compass is a vigorous advocate of your interests in shaping and submitting your claims and working with surveyors, adjusters and attorneys to resolve claims to your greatest benefit.
Make no mistake, the professionals at Compass work for you !


Anyone in business today faces a variety of risks associated with the conduct of that business.   How your company handles this risk of doing business has a direct impact on your bottom line.  Most of these risks are insurable and Compass will work with you to ensure that your risk management procedures serve to identify and mitigate these risks.   In addition to our own professional staff,  Compass can recommend qualified loss control services provided by some of the insurance companies as well as independents engaged in safety training, educational seminars and physical plant safety audits. Our team will help you to evaluate what combination of risk retention, risk transfer and loss control is best suited for your company. 


The measurement of the quality of customer service is derived from the satisfaction of the client not in the promotions, bells and whistles of the insurance broker.  Compass enjoys a very high degree of client retention in large part due to our customer service culture.
Whether it is getting certificates out to your clients and prospects, working with your bank on an acquisition or reviewing a contract or bid; Compass is there for you.